Data Centre Infrastructure

Queensway Park Data Centre Campus will be one of the most power efficient facilities of its kind in the world with a PUE rating of under 1.15. The campus features high speed fully resilient fibre architecture from a number of carriers providing ultra low latency in data transfer times regardless of traffic volume. The Queensway Park Campus could eventually offer 18,000 sq m of space over 3 phases with up to 30 MW of available power. Queensway Park Data Centre Campus is a joint venture between AOC Group & County Properties Group representing an investment of approximately €200 million.

Data centres are the backbone of the modern economy and indeed the internet although most people do not realise how critical this infrastructure is in everyday life. By 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet equivalent to 6.5 devices for each person living on the planet.

The UK will become the largest single market in Europe for data centres by 2020 and analysts predict this will cost the industry up to £7 billion per annum in energy alone. Queensway Park Data Centres will reduce energy cost by up to 40% by using renewable energy at their Fife campus and will be one of the few facilities in Europe using 100% renewable power.